Most business’s go out of business in their infant years, and that is because they make one common mistake. They build their business without keeping the longevity factor in mind. So their business might get a few bites just because it is new, and consumers get curious… But that does not mean they will be recurring customers.

This article will show you how to create and put into effect ideologies that will generate attraction to your business throughout all stages of your business.

So here is a major principle that will help your business be more attractive to consumers:

Social Currency

You’d agree that it would be a good thing if you had the best burgers in town right? But what good is having the best burgers in town if no one knew about them? See, In order for your business to become more attractive, you must generate Social Currency. This is the first process of your business; Social Currency can be derived by creating “Conversation pieces”. A Conversation Piece can be anything! It can be something simple, but yet remarkable. For example, the Doritos commercial that aired last Super Bowl. In this commercial there is a pregnant woman lying down on a bed at a doctor’s office getting a checkup. The husband/father had a bag of Doritos and was eating them, as the sonogram specialist/nurse looked at the monitor, she noticed something very strange. Every time the father would eat a Dorito, the baby would move in the same direction as the Dorito. The father caught on quick and started playing around, the more aggressive he pulled the Dorito away the more the baby moved. In one instance, the baby head butt the mother’s stomach which caught the mother off guard. The father then took it to a whole new extreme and waved the Dorito across the bed, which led the baby to “Exit” the mother because of the force. I this case, force was the baby wanting the Dorito. So what does this commercial really do? The Dorito’s commercial actually emphasizes how “good” their product is, so good that a baby can decide when to be born.

This Doritos commercial ( Social Transmission. That is, Word of Mouth (W.O.M) and Social influence. When you watched this commercial, the first thing you did was probably go tell someone or post/tweet about it. Why? It was something that was worthy of talking about. I mean, it’s not every day you see a baby follow a Dorito out of the womb! Word of Mouth then generates Social Currency, after all W.O.M is the best marketing tactic available. W.O.M is persuasive, W.O.M is more targeted, and W.O.M tends to reach people who are actually interested in the thing being discussed, in this case Doritos.

The whole point of this commercial was to create a message that makes people want to pass it on. This was considered a Viral Home Run, which means that it landed millions of views on YouTube.

Why did this video go viral? It evoked emotions from the viewers, it amazed them. They also were probably very surprised because it was an unexpected result of “how good Dorito’s are”.

All in all, it is the 21st century, and the majority of major businesses are utilizing Social Currency to help their businesses get exposed to customers, future customers, and recurring customers through Social Media. Exposure is a very vital part of business; consider the burger analogy above… If you have the best burgers in town, but no one knows about them… there is a problem. When you can apply your valuable product, service, or ideas to customers whether Business to Business or Business to Consumer you should capitalize on that opportunity. It is common sense, the more people know about what you are providing, and the more people will interact with your business!

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