If you’re a business owner, the business world will assume  you already know basics of marketing, that is anything conventional (signs, coupons, billboards, phone and flyer marketing). If you are doing a start-up business you should definitely focus in as this will benefit your biz! Even though conventional marketing is still very effective, their is now the new era of marketing this is everything online. Believe it or not, marketing strategies is the vehicle of driving traffic towards your business. In order to apply Social Media as a marketing strategy towards your business you must be able to understand how the following platforms work.

PRINCIPLE #1 YOU WON’T USE EVERY CHANNEL FOR EVERY BUSINESS. (Example: you won’t use Pinterest for a dentist, but you will for a retail clothing store it can be really valuable). 

Here are the following FREE Major platforms of Social Media Channels

INSTAGRAM is best at showcasing highlights. Why? Well have you ever heard of a picture is worth a thousand words? In this case yes, if you can emit your product or service onto a well displayed image, if it is remarkable enough you will gain an amusingly amount of word of mouth, (this is what we call Social Currency) via internet and in person. There is currently four hundred million active users every month on Instagram, so think about it how far can you go with Instagram? If used effectively pretty wide. How many times should you be posting, well If you’re a physical store usually its okay to post 1-5 times a week, if online business you will post 4-8 times a day.

YouTube is the truest form of long form marketing. You can upload up to a 24 hour-long video, even though you don’t need to make it that long, it is vital when you need to help your business get your brand story out. When ever you have a message,  “a marketing message” it usually going to take at least 5 minutes to get your brand  story out. You can’t efficiently do this on other platforms, but Facebook is an exception. Even though you can, psychologically people do not expect to watch a video longer than 3 minutes on Facebook. Which is why YouTube works great. Very powerful medium where you can bring yourself a ton of value.

FACE BOOK BUSINESS PAGE/FAN PAGE is the easiest way to bring direct action, traffic and customers. It’s a hybrid tool because it has aspects of other platforms. Facebook is a hybrid that can be very profitable. It is usually the easiest way to drive customers in. It is often the best place to start. You can do offers, hyper target your audience, advertise, capture emails leads, upload videos, drop links that are linkable and see all of your insights to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s the best of all worlds.

TWITTER this is the place you can post the most. It is considered the loud place. You can post up to five times in one hour. You won’t have to do it all the time unless you are starting a campaign, having a big sale, or if you’re trying to have customers take a specific Call To Action (CTA). DON’T WORRY ABOUT OVER POSTING. It is the best platform to connect with your customers, spread business news, and receive customer feedback. This helps increase brand loyalty. Engaging with customers builds a better relationship and helps businesses become viral. This increases sales.

SNAPCHAT  With over 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps per day, Snap chat is one of the fastest-growing social networks. It is a great niche specific marketing tool. Why this is because not every business will need it. If you are a dentist you might not use it. It’s best to use YouTube for a dentist. Indeed works very well with fitness, clubs bars restaurants, real estate any many more. You can give your viewers a VIP entrance into what is going on backstage an event, you can showcase products you can even receive feedback.

So this is only some of the major Social Media Channels that are considered to be free. Now time to bring the paid type of internet channels.

EMAIL MARKETING is the life blood of marketing. (This is a non-social-media platform.)  Think of email this way, it is the lifeblood of marketing and business. A body needs blood flowing through their veins, so if a business does not have blood it is inactive. They’re a body with no blood. You must have Email Marketing. If a small business does not have an Email marketing  list, or returning customers, or future customers you will immediately know you will bring a ton of value to your business or to your client’s business.

GOOGLE CORE ADS. What are google ads? Whenever you search up any phrase on google you’ll see some small banner ads on top or on the side. Sometimes when you go to blogs you see banner ads. These are running through google network. How many people search a day on google? 3.5 billion. It is and engine that will drive sale’s to your customers.

FACE BOOK ADS It’s the second engine for business. You can run a lot of activity for your clients. You can run ads and target local customers. IT IS THE HYPER TARGETING TOOL.

These are some of the major social media channels that you can use for your business to expand your brand, increase relationships and sales.